Graph X Design is a service web design company and offers a full range of web design services to surpass the demands of any client. We have been building custom websites since 3 years. Our main focus is to design websites and graphic items to get higher your company.


THE BRAND: Identity, value, positioning, competition

TARGETS: characteristics, needs, perception, desired optimization

THE QUESTION: problematic, constraints, objectives, messages, commitments

OPERATION: budget, planning, customer interface, delivery

Our design process is a collaboration that merge our creativity and imaginaton with your professional knowledge and asking to produce better communication. We spend time to review background information and analyze the goal of the company and target markets. We work on different technologies but we take your preferences choosing the right one for the best possible presentation. We love to work with you step by step with respect to the planning to keep on going between creativity and strategic business payback. We analize every circumstances, informations, market, and elements we have for each projects and we start to think about different websites, logos, messages depending the ideas. First plans are drawings and sketches, we show you different ways and we choose together the definitive version, with compliance of a site guaranteeing a use multiplied by every browsers of last generations and each type of operating systems. We improve our way of thinking about the keypoints you want to have the main goal of your web strategy and we will design it according to that in the smallest details. If your ideas appear not perfectly adapted to the project, we keep the content but we expand and optimize it, because we always have a lot of new or complementary ideas as we are business creatives.